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Would you like to rank higher on the Android play store or the iOS App Store? If you are answering is affirmative, we are that hardworking team of minions you should be approaching. 

We help increase your app downloads, user engagement , app revenue, set up launch road map and provide end to end app marketing support.

Organic downloads via app store optimization ? or fast paid downloads via social media advertising ? We’re experts in both.

We have worked with a number of customers and got their requirements covered with our upper hand strategies.

We help optimize your mobile app for Android Google play, Apple App store !

App Store optimization

Stepping EDGE’s key Priority is make your app top on Apple App Store and Google play store. More than 60% of apps are discovered via search. We help optimize the most popular keywords to ensure you get more organic downloads.

Title Optimization

Title plays a critical role in the App Store Optimization process and app discoverability in the marketplace. Your title should consist of your brand name along with the relevant keywords. We help you set it up right in all the way.

Title Optimization

Keyword Research

Relevant keywords are the backbone to increase your organic downloads. We stand by you in choosing the right keywords for your business by doing extensive keyword research.

Social Media optimization


Feature graphics and screenshots are the key chances to express your audience about your app’s features. Majority of the users are not into reading any kind of description. Hence going visually occupied is going to help you to a larger extent.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is the method where we compare your app’s two versions to determine the performance and user engagement. We conduct that to ensure  you get the best results in terms of user engagement and sales conversion.

A/B Testing


When you do not follow the keywords ranking, competitor growth and their strategy, you are absconding yourself from targeting the right audience. We keep a check on these elements to ensure you’re always on top of the app marketplace.

Expert Monitoring

Icon Optimization

One of the vital parts involving the optimization process is placing the right icon for your app. This icon has to be the foremost visual app part. It should explain everything that the user wants. We create the best one as it's your first impression.

icon optimization

Description Optimization

Optimizing the description is important to rank your keywords. Our expert copywriter helps you set up a perfect description with the Google Play and App Store standard policy.


Preview Videos

Preview videos are powerful to explain your app features real quick to your audience.  Majority of the companies are not investing in it, they lose more opportunities when they do not add proper preview videos. We help you create the best one.

Video Optimization


When you can localize your app, the chance of reaching your target audience is 5x and you can grow the app’s reach to multi folds. We help Localize  your app screenshot, title and descriptions.


Paid Acquisition

Paid acquisition is also one of the important strategies in your mobile app marketing journey, as it claims more than 40% of the downloads. There are a lot of channels to do so, Social advertising, Pay Per Install (PPI) and  search engines. 

We’re a strategic driven team to help you in organizing the app install ads campaign. We help you in setting up your social advertisement to drive fast app downloads, user engagement and conversions at optimal cost. We're expertise in,

Facebook app install ads, Youtube app install ads,Google ads, Instagram app install ads, Tiktok app install ads

Let us know more about your app. We would be there by you from the very beginning of your app store optimization process. When you collaborate with us, it is going to be for a lifetime

Let’s join hands to make the magic work in the app store!

We help you reach 1 Million downloads on Google Play and App Store.